Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pensacon 2018 Recap

Another amazing Pensacon has come and gone. I can not say enough good things about the convention, those that run and work it, and the attendees. Three days of super fun times and really great people. Penscon 2018 outdid itself with everything feeling more fun, more busy, and more exciting. We were able to explore a bit further from the convention center this year and take in a bit more of what Pensacola had to offer. Pensacola has a lot of tasty food and drink to offer! We are getting to know more regular guests and friends from outside Pensacon are starting to take part in the con as well which makes for even more fun. Pensacon 2019 is already lining up to be even better with already a stellar group of guests lined up. I hope I once again find myself returning to Pensacon as a guest, I would hate to miss out on all the fun!

A HUGE thanks goes out to Mike Ensley for having me out and to all the AMAZING staff and volunteers at Pensacon 2018. Thank you so much for making my time at the con so much fun and very very memorable! 

Here are some images and thoughts from Penascon 2018...

Once again, somehow all our stuff barely fit into the car. Thankfully it was easier to get everything back in after the con, since there was less of it!

The mighty Face of Boe welcomes you at the convention hotel. I did not see it in use, it does have beer taps running along the sides behind the head.

The vendor floor was a buzz of activity Thursday afternoon. Pensacon's set up is different from any other convention that I have done and I love it for just that. Though Pensacon has long since outgrown its venue.

A look around from my view point for the next three days. This year I was against the wall and faced out into the ring. It was nice having something besides a wall to stare at!

My booth came together quickly and allowed for plenty of down time and fun time before things began Friday afternoon. I always feel my setup looks a little better at Pensacon.

The view from our hotel room this year. Yes, those are lines of people already forming on Thursday.

John Barrowman made a dramatic arrival at the hotel Thursday night! There were some quick photo opportunities and he vanished as quickly as he appeared.

The vendor floor Friday morning before the doors open. All set up and ready to go!

My copy of GI Joe #2 that I got signed by the amazing Larry Hama!

K-9 was hanging out at the hotel waiting for the Doctor to return.

Screen used props on display at the Fish House. They had three different themed sections, a Harry Potter area, a Star Trek area, and a Star Wars area. Super fun times were had by many here over the weekend.

Han had one too many Warp Core Breaches to drink at the Fish House.

The lines were already super long by the time I arrived at the convention center on Saturday morning. Two ramps leading up to the entrances were already full and the lines continued into the parking lot.

The calm before the storm...

Saturday was crazy busy and super packed with people!

It was hard to move around on Saturday, but that did not hold people back from checking everything out and picking up one art from their favorite artists.

Sketchbook sketch on Saturday of a Gorax. RAWR!

A Cyberman stopped by the booth to make friends.

Finally got down to the vendor floor on Sunday before the door opened. Got to see all the neat things for sale and think about a different time when there was more time for video games and less time for art.

The 501st was once again in attendance and had a great display.

R2 and Chopper were hanging out and playing nice... this time...

A couple images (cut together) of the special effects panel I was a part of on Sunday. I took part in two panels this year at Pensacon. Both were SUPER fun! It felt like there were a lot more people in attendance, the moderators did an AMAZING job in both, and the other folks on the panels were super fun and we all had a great time talking about our craft and experiences. Can not ask for more. If you are attending Pensacon and not going to the panels, you are missing out!

I took home this piece by Roland Paris finally. I have had my eye on it for a couple years now and it is really great to finally have a page he inked.

Some of the Empire's finest stopped by the booth on Sunday.

BT-1 was hanging out helping with security just hoping for someone to step out of line.

Those around me were back to pack up much quicker than I, but it allowed me a bit more room to organize and get everything packed up right.

Tear down goes so much quicker than set up... but it is a lot more sad since it is now all over.

We unexpectedly stayed a extra day in Pensacola and went out to the beach to spend the night and hang out with friends. A well made decision!

The very large and very weird (from this angle) Pensacola Beach water tower.

Be sure to check out the Pensacon website to see who will be coming in 2019 and to follow them on social media to get the newest announcements. I hope to see you all there next year!

That's all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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