Monday, June 6, 2016

Who or What am I? Name the Monster Contest!

Who or what am I?
Leave your answer in the comments below to possibly win this drawing!
9 x 12
- Pencil on paper
© 2016 Christopher Burdett

Want to get one of my monster drawings for free? All you have to do it tell me who or what this monster is for your chance to win it! I will pick my favorite entry and send that winner this drawing. Here are some rules...

  • Tell me who or what this monster is.
  • Submit your entries in the comment section of this blog post or in the comment section of this image when I post it on Facebook on either my account or fan page.
  • Everybody gets 3 chance to tell me who or what this is. Please number them so they are clearly separated.
  • You do not have to submit all your entries at the same time, just make sure you number them.
  • You can submit your entries through Midnight (EST) of Friday June 10th.
  • I will announce the winner and winning name on the blog on Monday June 13th. 
  • If you choose to incorporate the word "RAWR" into your submission it better be AMAZING because I am not looking for hundred variations of cramming "RAWR" into a name.

Some words of advice, I am looking for originality and creativity and I am looking for your take on who or what this monster is so have fun with it.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Corntixlit, the lapdog of chaos, the yelping beast who brings fear to those trying to sleep at a reasonable time! Beware, yee who whishes for sleep, for it will wait until you just start to fall asleep, when he yelps, and yips and yowls

  2. The Crimson Mediterranean Iguana, this creature was 1st spotted in 1957 roughly a year after the 1956 B-47 disappearance which had a cargo containing 2 capsules of nuclear weapons material. Until recent times the creature has been believed to be a myth similar to the Loch Ness Monster, but recently videos have been recorded of these beasts attacking beach goers & dragging them into the sea. Their ecology & habitat has yet to be clearly documented, but these creatures may be the top of the food chain in aquatic locations.

  3. scaled goatdemon... looks like a little rascal and a low demon but the eye is deceptive... its a mastermind of manipulation and make you reach your goals in exchange of your soul or... something more...

  4. 1) an Horny Irwin Chomper (scientific name: Xenosaurus taurus).

  5. 1) an Horny Irwin Chomper (scientific name: Xenosaurus taurus).

  6. Gibson's Crawling Mutterer. First sighted by a survey team on the volcano rich world of Helix IV, this semi-sentient scavenger moves across freshly solidified lava flows in search of wounded or dead prey, protected by a thickly insulated hide.

    Baffling to the team was its strange form of locomotion, it pulls itself along exclusively on its forelimbs dragging its seemingly vestigial and withered rear limbs behind it. As it does so it continuously vocalises low pitched sounds that oddly resemble a 'grumpy old man'; the team were split as to whether this was a form of echo location to supplement its weak vision, or an advanced type of mimicry to flush out prey. One dissenting team member postulated that the creature may in fact be pretending to be wounded to attract predators, which it would then turn the tables on in a bizarre form of ambush.

    psymonster1974 @Deviantart

  7. 1) an Horny Irwin Chomper (scientific name: Xenosaurus taurus).