Friday, March 11, 2016

The Unsung Heroes of the Art Community - Guest Post by Achsa Nute

Recently Chris had some problems with varnish he had put on his paintings. I realized taking the varnish off of one of the newest, best paintings he’d done was going to be really stressful so I stepped up and offered to do it for him. It went about as well as it could have and I’m relieved to say the paintings and painter are doing well. This got me to thinking about the ways that being the partner of a producing artist is really interesting and sometimes overlooked. So this is my shout out to all of the people in the fantasy art trenches. All of you have stories that are important to the outcome of that art. Here is a little bit of mine. 

Achsa Nute keeping tabs on the booth at Gen Con 2013 using here powers of convention camouflage.

We’ve all done something, because we believe in the work. Unfortunately, my passion for his started with a lack of faith in my own. I use to make art. I got a BFA and an MFA… and then for many reasons, I quit. Then I kinda decided Chris never would. His work had a voice and a purpose that I never really felt confident in myself. Fantasy art is so filled with all of the ideas that reflect our inner stories and it fascinates me. I also realized I wanted to remain part of an artistic community. In the process I’ve seen all of the people who are contributing in various capacities and fallen in love with them. Whether you are an AD, parenting with an artist, booth sitting, arranging exhibitions, buying artwork, ordering pizza, running out for sharpies, talking someone down from a moment of anxiety and self doubt, posing in weird cobbled together outfits for reference photos… you are a critical and integral member of this tribe. I feel you out there behind those paintings. I see you in group pictures online. I see you at conventions or hear about you from your spouses and partners. Sometimes I even SEE your face in the work. When I finally get to meet you it feels like meeting some missing relative. 

One of the countless reference photos that would not exist without the tireless efforts of Achsa Nute.

I never realized how much his work would shape my life. How all of your work would shape my life. I figured when I stopped making artwork that my artistic experience would end, but it’s really made me realize it takes a community to make art happen. It contains young new people struggling and older established folks (who honestly probably are still struggling). There are those who help conceive it, give birth to it, feed eat, give it a home. Just because you don’t contain the artistic womb that it comes out of does not make you any less critical. The keeper of that spark needs support and encouragement during that labor.  

So to all of the folks out there giving birth to artwork and the ones helping to change those artistic diapers, I love you. No seriously. I want to dance with all of you. I want to have lunch with you. I want to PM you at 2 am on Facebook. You are all an amazing family that I am so grateful to be a part of.   

Maybe some day I’ll write a memoir……

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. Huh. It never thought of my gushing over artwork as a contribution to the artist. I'm just in awe over the talent that I see in each piece and it needs to be expressed. Yay me for helping without even realizing.