Monday, March 21, 2016

AltCon 2016 Recap

This past weekend I attended AltCon 2016. While AltCon is not the biggest convention you may attend, it is the closest convention I will ever attend. I had to travel two to three miles to participate and I got to sleep in my own bed, so that in and of itself was a selling point for me. This was the first time I have participated in a local convention and it was great to see so many friendly faces in attendance. A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone that came out to support me and the other local artists that were in attendance at AltCon. Having done Pensacon last month we noticed a lot of familiar faces in the vendors, guests, and attendees.

We found ourselves set up next to Richard Epcar for the weekend and that was a huge treat. Richard is best known for his voice work on more then 500 characters, including Batou from Ghost in the Shell. ...which I found very cool. We had the chance to introduce Richard to one of our favorite restaurants and had an all around fun time getting to know him. The convention was fun and Saturday by far was the busy day with a lot going on and much to see. Again, a huge thanks to everyone that come out to AltCon 2016, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

Here are some images from the weekend...

The legendary North Florida Fairgrounds in Tallahassee, Fl!

I had the shortest distance ever for load in. Never will I see its equal again.

I was in building 1, which is where the Tallahassee Rollgirls use to have their games. Lots of good memories were formed in this building. Strange to be back.

Building 2 is capable of supporting balloon life.

Time to get started with set up! The most fun part of any convention, second only to tear down... 
...not really.

Being local meant I was there much earlier then a lot of people, including the people that were putting up the fabric walls and dividers.

Now, the waiting game.

The booth is all set up and ready to go. I will only have to move EVERYTHING in just a little bit.

Okay, NOW everything is all set up and ready to go. Walls and dividers are up and all that remains is waiting till tomorrow to start the convention.

Oh, those mystery boxes are here too. By a box of mystery crap or by original art from me... tough choice, right? Of course not! Everyone wants a mystery box of crap they will just throw away way more then original art used in their favorite game.

Dear wife is shocked and amazed at AltCon 2016.

AltCon neighbor, Richard Epcar, talking to a fan.

Chopper came by to say hello.

Local art Ben Bruce gives me his happy face...

...and so does Daniel Hooker! Always great to see Ben and Daniel. 

Building 2 contained the artist alley and some of the venders.

 And for some reason I could only take photos of building 2 if they were back lit. 

Another local artist, who is no longer local, Hoyt Silva brought his comics and art to AltCon.

There were plenty of great costumes to be seen at AltCon!
(Hi Steve!)

Always great when the whole family participates. 

The local 501st was in attendance with  things relevant to my interests.

There was a little tension between Chopper and R2... and they kind of got into a fight.

I think the Doctor stopped by.

More balloon life has appeared in building 2.

Having my geek out moment of AltCon 2016.

And then it was all over.
Thanks to all that came out to AltCon!

That is all of another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. were the one yelling "Fight! Fight! Fight!" when you saw Chopper and R2 roll by...

    1. That may be, but they still accepted the request and proceeded to fight. Droids will be droids.... or something.