Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gen Con 2015 - Day 4

All good things come to an end and that includes my coverage of Gen Con 2015. After a crazy and hectic three days we find ourselves at Day 4 of Gen Con 2015. I took it easy the night before and was feeling much better and more rested so that I could tackle Day 4 head on. For me Day 4 was the busiest and there was not a spare second during the day. A group of us walked around the exhibition hall before it was open to the public so that we could finally get a look at everything that was happening while we were at our booths. So many neat things out in the hall to look at and drool over. During set up you can't believe that you have four long days ahead of you and at the end of Day 4 you can't figure out where the past four days went. More and more people are saying that Gen Con is becoming a week long convention with folks arriving the weekend before. I myself begin traveling on a Tuesday only to arrive back home on the following Tuesday, so for me, Gen Con is a week long event too. A super fun week long gaming art party. Here are some images from Day 4 of Gen Con 2015...

Balloon squid from above so you can get a good view of all the balloon tentacle goodness.

Hey, it is that big green monster guy that everyone loves!
I was asked to include some hashtags and stuff to promote this guy, but I forgot.
OH WAIT! I remember! #CthulhuIsComing
I actually have this guy in action figure form... RAWR!

One of the booths had some seriously awesome miniatures on display that we were all drooling over. We could not find any information about these bad boys but they were sure pretty and fun to look at. A sign near these guys would have been nice so that I could pass that along...

I was asked to do a sketch with with a penguin and a turtle. So I did a sketch with a penguin and a turtle. That turtle is so happy...

Sunday was seriously busy. All the people were there doing all the things.

We picked up a super cool Dungeons & Dragons piece by Jeff Miracola at Gen Con... RAWR!

We also got a super cool monster piece by Amy Ashbaugh... RAWR!

AND I picked up one of Tom Babbey's sketch book with an appropriate sketch! All the RAWRs!

A Gudul Lurker on a playmat because that is the Gudul Lurker's natural environment.

There were also a Rancor on a playmat. The Rancor and the Gudul Lurker were both fighting or at least attacking the Tardis on two different playmats. The Doctor was having an interesting day.

My contribution to a playmat that had two teams fighting each other. My bird monster had his sights on a eyeball tentacle monster. Gonna NOM all the eyeballs and tentacles.

Ralph Horsley had a super cool tip jar at Gen Con and he gave it to me after the con ended! Darth Pig for the win! SOOOOO COOL! Thanks Ralph!

All good things come to an end and that includes Gen Con 2015.

In a flurry of activity and chaos the art show begins to come down.

All the hopes and dream go into handy dandy boxes. Until next year Propanel, until next year...

It is like some weird Transformer where everything transforms into boxes.

My booth is more or less packed up... now to lug it all back to my car in the third subbasement of the hotel that is not too far away in the scheme of things. It only took two trips. Not too bad.

It never fails, this poor sign is vandalized every year. Somewhere a maintenance person has a huge box of space "S"s and after Gen Con a new one is put back up.

That is all for Gen Con 2015 coverage, see you back here tomorrow for more blog fun! Until then...

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