Monday, August 10, 2015

Gen Con 2015 - Day 3

Day 3 of Gen Con 2015 was a blur. It didn't help that I was not feeling by best due to a continued lack of sleep. Day 3 was also SUPER packed with people. I have not seen the hall so jammed packed with people. I think some records were broken. I had an early night on Day 3 due to my waning mood. If I was going to make it though Day 4 I was going to need to get some rest and get to feeling better. Day 4 has a way of taking everything that you have and then some more due to having to pack up your booth and getting everything out of the exhibition hall. This required me to take Day 3 kinda slow and not have too much fun. Here are some images from Day 3 of Gen Con 2015...

I for one welcome our new balloon squid overlord.

Beholder sketch on a really big piece of sheet plastic stuff.

Here is is the really big piece of sheet plastic stuff with lots of sketches on them... all for charity! RAWR!

While the rest of us are sitting around, Tom Babbey is making dragons. RAWR!

MORE Star Wars cards getting signed for all your signed Star Wars cards needs.

There was a birthday celebration on the other side of the wall. With party cake and singing!

Some armor stopped by and while others were taking pictures of the front I grabbed a shot of the back of the armor.

A look around the convention during a pause in the craziness of Day 3.

So many people! Day 3 was off the chain.

Looking over the banner to see Ralph and the line that is stretching from the registers.

Day 3 was super busy and the line for the registers was huge for most of the day. People want to get themselves some art.

For some reason I forgot to take a lot of photos of my sketches and drawing on Day 3 of Gen Con 2015. Here is a happy little monster whale that I remembered to take a photo of. RAWR!

Here is an image that my dear wife took. Those mean little bears stole that man's bike.

That is all for Day 3 of Gen Con 2015, Day 4 will be along tomorrow! Until then...

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