Monday, December 16, 2013

Jabba's Gang

I shared with you a bunch of sneak peaks of this piece. If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Fan Page you got to see some video clips as well. Now that is is all done I am happy to share with you the final illustration. I present you with, Jabba's Gang...

"Jabba's Gang"
11 x 14 - Pencil on toned paper
Original available for sale over on my Web Store!
© 2013 Christopher Burdett

Star Wars and its many alien species mean a lot to me as I have mentioned here on the blog many times.  I have really been wanting to do some personal exploration with the characters and creatures that are near and dear to me. This is hopefully the first of many explorations. The creatures of Jabba's Palace REALLY resonate with me and the Klaatu, Barada, Nikto, and a Gamorrean Guard where an easy choice to be first on the drawing board.

These might not be the last time you see these menacing fellows. To facilitate this possibility I made sure to get a scan of the drawing when the line work was all done and before I started on the rendering...

"Jabba's Gang" - line work stage
11 x 14 - Pencil on toned paper
© 2013 Christopher Burdett

I made sure to take LOTS of images of the drawing as I worked on it. Trying to get into a better habit of doing this. Hope it shines a little light on how I approach a drawing and do about rendering an image. If you are wondering, I do start with a light print of my rough digital sketch on the paper. I work out the composition and different elements on the computer and make sure all my alien ducks are in a row before proceeding onto the final draw and render. Here is the drawing coming together...

All images © 2013 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Not sure which is cooler. The end result or the process. Truly amazing!!

    1. Thanks so much! :) Glad you are enjoying the process and the final result!