Monday, February 18, 2013


Yesterday was the actual day, but today works just as well. This time way back in 2009 I thought I might start up a blog... Well, today marks the beginning of year five and I have 660 posts now in the archives. It seems so surreal every time I hit one of these milestones because I am still not sure how I got to this point. How have a filled this blog up with so much content? How have I been able to get three posts up a week for all but a few occasions? Why do you all keep coming back to read my ramblings and look at my silly monsters?

Whatever the reasons of how, when, and why it does not change the fact that the blog is still going and it does not seem like it is running out of steam just yet. A hearty THANKS to EVERYONE who comes to the blog, comments on the posts, and in general lurks around this thing that I am creating. I couldn't keep doing it without you all.

I think I will wrap things up with images of the local mastodon skeleton that is apparently hiding in plane sight just a few miles from my house. You never know what you are going to find lurking outside your front door...

Mastodon skeleton and Giant Armadillo replica
Photos © 2013 Christopher Burdett

Again, many many thanks to everyone that frequents the blog and I hope the tales of my successes and failures help you all in your own journeys as artists or at least off some amusing entertainment!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. Talk about reference! I guess this means when I take my niece and nephews to the natural history museum I better take a camera too.

    Congrats on the blog-a-versary!

    Yours was a big inspiration for me to start my own :)

    1. In my opinion you should never be anywhere without some way to capture images! You never know what you are going to come across.

      Many thanks! Glad to hear the blog has inspired you! :)

  2. It's funny you just blogged about the American Mastodon, I'm actually painting some of them in my Bluegrasswild murals! Nice Photos and congrats to such dedicated blogging.

    1. Thanks so much! This big guy was a local back in the day. It was found in the bottom of a spring some 20 miles south of where it stands on display today.