Monday, January 28, 2013


I have known the guys behind the awesome games at Pixeljam since we attended college together. If you are not familiar with them and their great games you should really do yourself the favor and head over to their website. They have recently launched their new game Potatoman Seek the Troof. To celebrate the release they held an art contest and I could not help but take part in it! Here is my take of Potatoman...

Art by Christopher Burdett
Potatoman © 2013 Pixeljam

I realize now that the art contest is now over, but that should not stop you from heading over to check out the Potatoman Seek the Troof and the rest of the great games that Pixeljam has to offer. I can not say enough good things about their games and if you have played any of them you know just how addicting and fun they are. Potatoman is no different!

Here is the drawing I did of Potatoman without all the digital finish and effects...
  Non-digitally enhanced Potatoman
Art by Christopher Burdett
Potatoman © 2013 Pixeljam

AGAIN, head over to the Pixeljam and check out their games and music, you will not be disappointed! They are great guys making awesome games and you will thank me for it!

That is all for another exciting Monday, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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