Monday, December 17, 2012

Bestiary: Ye Olde Creature Catalogue

Christmas has arrived early from the Realms. The December issue of Dragon magazine posted today and I am happy to now share a piece that I contributed to this issue. Dragon #418 features the article, Bestiary: Ye Olde Creature Catalogue, and as you may have guessed, there are monsters in this article! I was tasked with updating the wily and weird Decapus, and this is how it turned out...

© 2012 Wizards of the Coast

Those not familiar with the Decapus, on the surface, it was a rather silly monster from the early days of D&D. It has ten tentacles, so it was not a lost cause and combined with its huge mouth filled with long yellow teeth it was well on its way to saying "RAWR" with the best of them. It was a fun challenge taking a monster that was by current standards a little silly and fleshing it out into something more fierce and formidable. Hopefully I did the original justice while bringing my own elements to it. I sure had fun making this monster all the same! As a side note, the tree the Decapus clings to is based on a tree along my mountain biking route. Be sure to stop back by the blog in the coming weeks to see the process that went into updating the Decapus! As always, I would like to thank Kate Irwin for involving me on this project and for her art direction!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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