Friday, July 29, 2011

ImagineFX issue #72

As I left our local Borders book store in the throes of it's going out of business sale I happened to look back into the store front windows to see the magazine racks. There on the rack were several copies of ImagineFX and I thought I might go back in and have a look since I had not seen the current issue yet. Am I glad I did it!

ImagineFX #72
In stores now... and currently at 20% off at Borders.

As I flipped through the issue I saw many familiar names and faces of artist I know. When I got to page 30 I saw an even more familiar name... (at the bottom)

HUZZAH! Unexpected promotional surprise!

Always so much more awesome when it is a surprise. This also explains a comment left on the blog about seeing my blog in ImagineFX... I was all like, 'huh? what?'. That was me being out of the loop, now I am back in it. I would like to thank Beren Neale over at ImagineFX for the shout out, totally unexpected and very much appreciated!

Close up... but since you are reading this... you don't need to read this, because you already know...

In the future, if you see something about me in a magazine or website, and I have not mentioned it here on the blog, shoot me a note. I might not know about it, so I can tell my mom about it... because personally I have no interest in such things... :P

That is all for another week on the blog! NEXT WEEK: GEN CON 2011! I will be wrapping up last minute issues at the beginning of the week and traveling to Indianapolis next Wednesday. I will do my best to keep the blog updated with all the news and events of Gen Con as I see them from my table in the Artist Alley! Until then...

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  1. Mom does like to know. love you ,Mom. CB I made it anonymous because I am not sure what the other stuff was.