Wednesday, July 13, 2011

400th post! Website launch! And MORE!

Holy smokes! My 400th post here on the blog! How in the world did I actually make it this far? I guess I say something similar each time I hit a number followed by two zeroes, but it surprises me each time it happens. I could not keep it up if I was not getting the encouragement and support from you all that frequent the blog, thank you all very much!

I would like to take this noteworthy numbered post to announce some news... My website is faster, stronger and will one day take over the world! In other words, my website has been completely redone and launched today! My friend and super powerful programer, Rodney Johnson, took my meager comp idea for the redesign and ran with it. Rodney really outdid himself! Head over there to get a look at all the new art, features and social media icons!

Time to brag about Rodney's work on the website... There are now quick links to my blog, twitter account and Facebook fan page, as well as a rss feed from my blog and a 'at a glance' gallery now on the front page. All my galleries are larger and cleaner and allow you to actually see my work. Using the advice I have gathered from art directors about websites, the thumbnails show almost the entire piece and each image you are looking at provides a unique URL so the link to the image can be shared. Want to 'like' an image or tweet about it? Got you covered too! Rodney really blew me away with all the work he put into the site, THANKS RODNEY!

Make sure you head over to my website and have a look around to see what is new! You can now expect the website to actually be updated now!

Over the weekend I was talking to Owen, who is a big fan of my monsters. Since he likes my monster drawings so much he wanted me to have one of his monsters. I thought this was really awesome and made sure to return the favor. He really likes looking at my creatura libri sketchbook, so apparently I am influencing the next generation of monster makers... and that is super cool! Thanks so much for the cool monster, Owen! Here is Owen's monster, it is standing on a bakery and candy store like any good monster should...

Owen's monster, RAWR!

I think that is all for another blog anniversary! One last time... make sure you head over and see my completely new WEBSITE! See you back here on Friday for some more blog fun. Until then...

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  1. Huzzah for you sir! I've been following your blog via mine ( for some time now. Excellent stuff, man! Rodney did a fantastic job on your site - it looks phenomenal. Happy anniversary my friend :)

  2. That is one killer site Chris! Looks awesome and, of course, the work looks excellent! Congrats to Owen, the young artist! What an awesome monster! :)