Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting ready for Gen Con 2011 - CARDS!

I am in the midst of getting ready for Gen Con (it is right around the corner! YIKES!). This is the first large convention that I am setting up a booth at and needless to say I am a little frantic to make sure I have all my ducks in a row. I have been preparing for awhile now and definitely feel like I am in the home stretch. In many ways I have been preparing for this for a year now and hopefully all the time and effort will pay off in me being prepared and equipped to have an exciting and fun con experience.

One of the items that recently arrived at my door were this years business and post cards. It is always exciting to see a box at the door and to know that soon I will find out if I did a good job on designing the year's new cards or wasted a ton of money. Thankfully, again this year I was thrilled with how the cards turned out... and good thing too, since I had so many produced. So lets have a look...

2011 business card number one.

2011 business card number two.

2011 business card number three - this will be on the table at the con available for people to take as they pass by.

2011 business card number four - this will be on the table at the con available for people to take as they pass by.

2011 postcard number one.

2011 postcard number two.

I have heard from many other more seasoned con attendees that it is best to have a more plane business card on your table since people are going to take things no matter what they are or if they are even interested. Also, they have suggested for you not to have your most popular images available on free items since people my take that and not buy something. The other more color cards will be available to perspective clients, fellow artists, super fans and folks that purchase something. It will be interesting to see if this works out. I used again and was really happy with the finished product.

For some comparisons, here are the cards I had with me in 2010 and in 2009. I like this year's best, I wonder what the cards of 2012 will look like?

Needless to say I will most likely be giving a in depth con coverage again here on the blog. I might not be able to get up and get around to a lot of the con but I should have a really good perspective of the artist alley. More on my preparation for Gen Con soon!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. The cards look good. I have heard the similar things about having more plain art on giveaways so as not to reduce sales. I am curious what are your plans for the postcards? Are those for prospective clients and people who buy some thing or will those be on your table as free handouts?

  2. You are correct, they are only or prospective clients and people that purchase things, they will not be handouts. I would see them all just walk away and not see anything for it. This is the big test... see how it goes!

  3. I will be there with Lightening Bug and Dead Birds in hand.

  4. HAHA! It will be great in either case! :D See you there!