Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Night Reign

Way back at the very beginning of 2009 I did some line art pieces for Destiny Games Publishing for their new 4th Edition D&D project titled Night Reign. This was some of the first freelance work I took after getting back on my feet as a freelancer (see 2009 - The year I got serious for more info on that). They were creating a new campaign setting that was 4th Edition compatible and it sounded like a fun project to get involved with. Unbeknown to me the project was finally released in March of this year. I stumbled over this fact a day or two ago and I am happy to finally share the pieces I produced for Night Reign!

Dragon Breeder Summoner
© 2010 Destiny Games Publishing

Tiefling Monk
© 2010 Destiny Games Publishing

These were a much needed ego and moral boast at the time I created them. Sadly I still didn't have my head around the whole use reference thing. They were a lot of fun to create though. There was another version of the Summoner that was initially rejected and it is for the best now that I look back at the drawings. At the time I was really attached to the first version... now, not so much. I hope you enjoy this blast from my past, it is really nice to finally share these, even if they are practically two years old.

That is all for today, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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