Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dreamblade - Totem Lord & Bloodcut Martyr

Due to my current workload I am bringing you another look back at my Dreamblade work. Last time I showed you the first design that I had approved so this week I present 2 of the last of my designs that were approved and made it though production. These were for the 5th released set, Night Fusion. I designed a third piece for this set but as far as I can tell it was pumped to what would have been the sixth set. The miniature's stats for this sixth set were released on the Dreamblade forums. No visual representations were never shown for this uncompleted set so I will never be 100% positive of what would have been. I worked with Art Director Peter Whitley on this final sets of Dreamblade. Without further delay I present the Totem Lord (one of favorites) and the Bloodcut Martyr.

My first pass on both designs, the Totem needed to be more 'alive' and the Martyr less 'Zungar' and more like an animal

Final Totem Lord turnaround - WATCH OUT! That beaver has a STICK!

Final Bloodcut Martyr turnaround - You have to be careful with a pangolin, they will crawl you.

Final production miniatures for both pieces

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