Friday, March 6, 2009

Artorder Sketch

Jon Schindehette put out a call for themed sketches over on his blog earlier this week. Jon is the Senior Art Director on Dungeons and Dragons and really knows the business, I strongly encourage you to take some time and check out his blog. Here is my sketch...

The theme was to take the D&D creature, the Cockatrice, and move it along it's evolutionary path. My Cockatrice diverged into two separate but linked species. The first became a tool making hunter/gatherer with herding knowledge. The second became a more docile herd animal. As both species developed they both lost the ability to fly and a lot of their feather growth. While the gaze abilities have ebbed over the years for the smaller hunter/gatherers their larger cousin's gaze has become more potent and dangerous over the years. The larger cousin is the center of daily life providing almost everything the smaller needs to survive: leather, meat, born and horn tools, and even polished stone pearls formed in the gullet which are fashioned as body jewelry.

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