Friday, June 16, 2023

NEW Yuan-ti Broodguard Miniature

If you are saying to yourself there is already a Yuan-ti Broodguard miniature out there and that I shared it here on the blog, you are correct. Today I am sharing the NEW Yuan-ti Broodguard miniature that was recently released. I am sure some are wondering why we need a new Yuan-ti Broodguard miniature, and I will address that, but first, let us look back at my original Yuan-ti Broodguard painting that I created for Volo's Guide to Monsters.

Yuan-Ti Broodguard
Volo's Guide to Monsters
11 x 14 - Digital
Art Director - Kate Irwin
© 2016 Wizards of the Coast LLC

BEHOLD! It is a miniature, and it looks awesome and is based on my illustration. For those wondering why there is a new version of this monster, I guess they are correcting the mistake of making the original Yuan-Ti Broodguard mini too small. The version that came out in 2017 was a tiny or small-scaled mini, and the monster is more of a medium-sized monster. Here is a look at the new and improved Yuan-Ti Broodguard miniature.

Yuan-ti Broodguard Miniature - Sand and Stone
© 2023 Wizards of the Coast LLC

Lastly, I want to share an image of the previous miniature version. It turned out great, if not a little small. This original version did have its tongue out like my painting, but no tongue is perfectly fine too. Maybe seven years is enough time to warrant a new version of any miniature. I have it on good authority that this is not the only one making a return appearance as a new miniature. But more on this another day.

Yuan-ti Broodguard Miniature - Tomb of Annihilation
© 2017 Wizards of the Coast LLC

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here next week! Until then...

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