Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Burdetticorn Shirt by John Signes

I am still catching up from my week at Illuxcon 2017 and still need to process everything I did and saw as well as go through all the images I took while there. That said, my recap of Illuxcon will be a little delayed, but will be along shortly. In the meantime, I have for you something very special!

If you attended Illuxcon last year or this year you might be aware of the Burdetticorn. This monster type is only seen at Illuxcon and you must be there to experience it. This year though, the Burdetticorn was forever immortalized in tshirt form by John Signes! What exactly is a Burdetticorn you might ask, well, here is John's final colored art of it...

Burdetticorn shirt design by John Signes

I am lucky enough to have the original sketch that goes along with the design. Actually, I was there when the sketch was made, it just flowed off the pen like John was channeling the cosmic God of Unicorn People...

Original Burdetticorn sketch by John Signes

For those attending Illuxcon this year there was a print on demand version of the shirt that you could buy from the shirt store at the GoggleWorks. How fortunate for all of us! Many were wearing their own Burdetticorn shirt proudly. Here is a look at the shirt in action...

Limited edition print on demand Burdetticorn shirt from the GoggleWorks and IX10

John has made the Burdetticorn shirts available for a very limited time on his Threadless store, so if you would like one, or if you missed getting on at IX, then this is you only opportunity. There are many colors to choose from and I know I will be be picking up at least one more. It is not every day that you become a limited edition convention souvenir and merchandise!

Burdetticorn shirt by John Signes

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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