Friday, September 8, 2017

Aqualish Arms Dealer - The Return of Tools of the Job

I have for you another Star Wars piece that I did making a return appearance for your viewing and gaming pleasure. This time around the return of a painting comes shortly after its original appearance. Back in July I shared with you one of my contribution to the Jabba's Realm expansion to Imperial Assault, Tools for the Job. Granted, this set did come out in December of 2016, I only got around to sharing the painting on the blog in July. That said, in the upcoming expansion to the Star Wars LCG, Swayed by the Dark Side, the art is returning as the Aqualish Arms Dealer...

Aqualish Arms Dealer
Star Wars LCG - Swayed by the Dark Side

I have to say I am liking the look of the card now that it has jumped to the LCG. Imperial Assault always is limited on space on the cards, so the LCG just give more room for the art to live and breath. Game mechanics come first on all of these products, so if something has to be squished, it will be the art. Just the way of things. Here is how the art originally appeared as Tools for the Job in Imperial Assault...

Tools for the Job
Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm

The LCG cards are also a larger sized card so the art will always look a bit better. Case in point, here is an image of the original painting and the Tools for the Job card side by side...

I fear I sometimes do not take the realities of final production printing into consideration when working on a painting. I focus on making a good image as a painting. Hopefully it all transitions well and does not muddy the final card with too dense of an image.

Lastly, here again is the full painting for both Tools for the Job and Aqualish Arms Dealer. It went to a forever home at Gen Con where it will play with the rest of its Imperial Assault friends.

Tools for the Job
Star Wars Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm
14 x 11 - Acrylic and pencil on board
Art Director - Deb Freytag
Original - SOLD
© 2016 Lucasfilm, Ltd. TM Lucasfilm, Ltd. Under license to Fantasy Flight Games

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, the monsters will be taking over things for a little while here on the blog, so we will see what they have in store on Monday! Until then...

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