Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Scribbling and Sketching

One of my worst bad habits as an artist is that I do not sketch and scribble enough. I do not work out my ideas and concepts on paper nearly enough as I should. Most of my concept work takes place in my head and at the time I am beginning to work on a new piece. I think and think and think about the idea before putting pencil to paper rather that searching for the idea on the page. My sketchbooks are empty but I have a lot of finished pieces. It has been this way my entire life. I never really enjoyed working on something that was not intended to be a finished piece of work.

As a child I had stacks of sketch pads that I toiled away in, kind of. I would begin working on a page and if the drawing did not go as I planned I would stop wherever I was at and turn to the next page. Even if I had just started drawing, making only a few marks, if I did not like it I abandoned it and went to the next page to begin again. There would be page after page of just one eye, or a hand, or the silhouette of a dragon head. I felt like that page was corrupted with a page drawing and needed to start again on a fresh sheet. So much wasted paper... So much wasted time looking for the perfect mark, the perfect line.

To this day I do not have the habit to doodle. If I sit down to draw it is to be a finished piece, a completed drawing. Not sure if I can do anything about this issue at this point, and I sometimes wonder if I should. It is not like I am not making work that I really enjoy and enjoy making. Not like I have lacked professional work opportunities. ...but as a artist I wonder if I am depriving myself of the opportunity to explore without limitations. Here is a recent scribble that was done to see if an upcoming monster might work out as envisioned. Still on the fence. Might go in a completely different direction...

Rare concept scribbles... that will most likely be abandoned.

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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