Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Come see me at Pensacon 2017

I realized I never actually posted on the blog that I will be returning to Pensacon. I must be slipping, not sure how this slipped through the cracks. Especially because this year I was asked to do the art for the VIP shirt! In exactly a month from now, Pensacon will be going on and Pensacola, Fl will be hopping with fun and celebrities. I guess I fall somewhere in the middle of all that...

Come see me and a whole lot more at Pensacon 2017!
February 17 - 19 in Pensacola, FL

I assume I will again be part of some great panels, just like last year. When those are announced I will be sure to share them here in the lead up to Pensacon. I can't wait for Pensacon, for me it is one of the most fun cons that I attend. I may not know a lot of the other folks in attendance, but the staff and organizers run a great event and there is never a dull moment and I have a ton of fun.

Speaking of VIP shirts... The great and powerful Mike Ensley approached me some time back to see if I was interested in creating the shirt given out as part of the VIP attendee package. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, so I of course had to do it. I batted some ideas around and eventually started working on some concepts for Neptune leading the an army of Deep Ones and the mighty Cthulhu itself. The concept was approved and received well and I got to work. Here is how the final art turned out...

Pesacon 2017 VIP shirt
13 x 19 - Digital

While the only way to get your hands on a shirt is to be a VIP attendee (which are long since sold out) I will have a limited run of deluxe signed and numbered prints available at the con. They will be 13x19 full bleed and limited to a run of 30 prints. If some are left over from the con I will make them available on my store. The final for this piece was digital, but I also will have with me the original drawing that went into this piece as well. It was a fun one to work for sure...

Pesacon 2017 VIP shirt - Drawing
14 x 17 - Pencil on paper

That is all for now regarding Pensacon. Be sure to check back as the con nears and I will have more information about my activities at the con!

That's all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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