Monday, May 2, 2016

Fungoid Model and Render by Christen Borras

I recently talked about how an artist's work can be used in a less than ideal way, in my opinion for whatever that is worth. Today I would like to share how an artist's work can be used and transformed in a completely acceptable way... again in my opinion, but it is my work, so... whatever.

Over the weekend I was contacted by Christen Borras, who is a student. He wanted to let me know that he used my Fungoid concept and design as part of an assignment to model and render a character. Here is a look at my concept design and illustration of the Fungoid...

Fungoid miniature turnaround
Pencil on paper
© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

Here is a look at what Christen did with my design as he translated it to 3D. I think it turned out great and is extremely faithful to the original design. You can see more over on Christen's ArtStation gallery. It is really fun and exciting to see someone else interpret your ideas into a new medium, not to mention that your idea interested someone enough to go through the time and effort to make something new based on the original design. Great job Christen!
Fungoid Model and Render by Christen Borras
You can see more of his work as well as a cool 360 turnaround of the Fungoid over on his ArtStation gallery.

Not to labor the subject, but there are reasons why this usage of my work is so different from the usage I posted about a couple weeks ago. First, Christen contacted me to let me know about his usage of my design and offered me the opportunity to have him remove it from his gallery. Second, he gave credit with a link to me as the creator of the design. Third, he has transformed the designed and made something new, which he created from scratch. Fourth, he is a student and this is on a personal gallery as an example of his work - and really this is no different from any other artist who is given a style guide to follow or reference that needs to be matched. We all make original work that has elements that need to match a companies IP or established characters. Christen is showing that he can stick to the provided reference and produce a final piece... which is a real world working requirement.

Again, great job Christen! It looks great and and I hope you all the best with your studies!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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