Monday, February 22, 2016

Pensacon 2016 Recap

I am back from Pensacon 2016 and I had a blast. I am exhausted as usual, but I had a blast at the con. As a guest artist I found the con very well organized and they were warm and attentive hosts. This being my first time at Pensacon I did not know what to expect and I was impressed at every turn. There was staff checking on us regularly and when it came time for panels staff came to take me to the location or to transportation to other event venue. It was nice to not have to watch the clock and try to find my own way to a building a half mile from the convention center.

I met a ton of really great people at Pensacon and there was never a dull moment. I got to visit the vendor floor a couple of times before the con opened and checked out the celebrity room before anyone had arrived the first day, but other then that I was either busy at my booth or in panels. It was great being able to share my work with so many new people and to send some of my monsters home with them.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Mike Ensley for having me out and to all the staff and volunteers at Pensacon 2016. Thank you so much for making my three days at the con fun and memorable! 

Here are some images and thoughts from Penascon 2016...

Looking down from my table at the vendor floor when I arrived Thursday afternoon. Time to get started loading in all my stuff and to get set up. 

Nothing is ever simple... but that is the way of things.
On my second trip into the building one of my wheels on my cart shattered going over some rough spots in the parking lot. I was able to making it work for the remaining trips in and out of the building. The three remaining wheels more or less were able to do the job of four with a bit of help on my end. Time to find a hardware store of a new wheel!

All set up!
It is a little dark though. I wonder if I can do anything about this?
I do need to go to a hardware store...

The back of my wall faced down toward the vendor floor and remembered I have an extra banner.
I was and still am unnecessarily pleased with myself about this. I did have people tell me they found me by looking up and seeing the banner.

Friday morning found me with a new set of three clamp lights and a new wheel for my cart.
The lights GREATLY improved the look and presentation of my booth and it was a solid investment that I will get a lot of use out of in the future.

Found some Jawas working (stealing) a Gonk Droid.

Some idiot and a Royal Guard.

I can see my banner from here.
Looking up from the vendor floor at my booth.

A look around the main areas of Pensacon 2016.

A look around the main areas of Pensacon 2016.

At my panel Star Wars panel with Kevin J. Anderson, Troy Denning, and Dave Dorman.

None of my photos of the audiences of my panels will do them justice.
There was a great turnout for each one, though my photos can't show everyone in one image.

I signed a lot of Magic the Gathering cards over the weekend.
It never gets old and I am more then happy to do it.

My Gamorrean Guard study went home with Famous Gabe! RAWR!


Another misleading panel audience photo.

Panorama fun of my booth and the vendor floor.

Another great and fun panel. All of my panels were a ton of fun and trilled to be a part of all of them.

Yet another misleading panel audience photo. Had a really good turn out for this one.

Sketch commission... RAWR!

The only celebrity I had a chance to meet.

Saturday was the BIG day, but I was impressed with the turnout on Friday and Sunday. The continuous flow of people down to the vendor floor was never ending.

Sketchbook sketch... RAWR!

Then there was a squirrel.

As Sunday afternoon progressed there crowds did finally begin to thin.

The vendor floor came down quickly... with much singing and fanfare. Seriously.

Another convention comes to an end. One last look at way was my booth. 
Thanks again to everyone at Pensacon 2016. We had a blast and look forward to Pensacon 2017!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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