Friday, January 30, 2015

Jamaican Adventures and Reference Dump

A week ago I had the fortune to take a short trip to Jamaica with the wife and her parents, and boy was it a lovely and amazing respite from my routine. The monsters and I took a break and I wanted to share with you some of the images I captured from around Jamaica. While we did stay at a resort on the coast we made sure to leave the resort as much as possible. We wanted to see what Jamaica was really like and to see its people, animals, plants, and pretty much everything that was not an American resort in another country. Here is a whole mess of photos from our adventures in Jamaica...

After a very early morning and a full day of traveling our first day was a little low key and we did some relaxing and the monsters took in the view.

I spent A LOT of time in and under the water. I can not say enough about the snorkeling at Doctor's Cave beach. I grew up swimming and snorkeling in waters off of Florida and I was really impressed by what I saw at Doctor's Cave.

There was something to see everywhere I looked and it was all really close to the surface.

Diving down the view only improved.

Watch out for the spines on those urchins!

So many wonderful shapes, colors, and patterns everywhere I looked.

At the end of the one of the docks there was once a diving platform. The platform has long since collapsed and has been taken over by the sea life. Here is a massive brain coral growing on one of the hand rails.

While both invasive and venomous, it was really neat to see lionfish in the wild.
Look, but don't touch!

A lot of the sea life seemed rather unfazed by our presence and would only react once you got VERY close to it.

Down in Sam Sharpe square in Montego Bay.
Sam Sharpe began the slave rebellions of Jamaica in 1832 and it cost him his life, but because of what he started in 1834 England abandoned the act of slavery.

Some really excellent rust and paint texture on a metal sign near Doctor's Cave beach.

Rose Hall - one of a handful of surviving plantation houses on the island. It is said to be haunted. A former owner murdered three husbands and untold numbers of slaves and slave lovers. We took the haunted night tour. BEAUTIFUL house, fun tour.

Unknown side street in an unknown little town between Montego Bay and Black River.

On the Black River in search of crocodiles...

OH LOOK! A Crocodile in the Black River.
As our guide said repeatedly, the crocodiles love imported meat, stay in the boat.

On the road to YS Falls. Jamaica is a beautiful country.

But a glimpse of YS Falls.Very lush, very lovely.

There was an abandoned mill and aqueduct in the middle of the golf course at the resort. So thanks to my wife encouraging, we went and checked it out. (we also saw a mongoose, but no pictures of that)

A keystone on one of the window arches reads "1837".

No one seemed to care so we investigated and explored and took lots of photos.

One last image and I thought I should at least include one from the resort. This was our view for all of our meals that we ate at the resort. We ate outside and had a very nice view. The resort was nice, but I can not imagine going to another country and never getting to see what that country was really like.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here next week for a whole week of Star Wars work! Until then...

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