Monday, August 18, 2014

Gen Con 2014 - Day 2

Gen Con got ahead of me finally. Too much all happening at the same time and that meant that coverage needed to be suspended over the weekend. Now that the convention is over it can now begin again... hopefully. Day 2, Friday, was really intense! Loads of people, lots of card signing, products getting announced and spoiled... and then the Art Show awards. I am still in rather dumbstruck that my Yoda piece received 2nd place in the show. HUGE thanks again to the Art Show judges,  Steve Prescott, Terese Nielsen, and Aaron B Miller, this means so much! Also, more thanks to Barbara Fisher for all she does to make the Art Show happen, ZoĆ« Robinson for the assignment and art direction, and to my wife for making sure I didn't mess it up while I worked on it. Now, for some images from Day 1 of Gen Con 2014...

SOOOOO many Yodas! RAWR!
Really happy with how this bad boys printed!

Another Magic alter, this time the Catoblepas becomes Rocket...

... and a Hippocamp becomes a Nyan Cat... RAWR?

A quick glimpse up at the show around me... Hey look! It is Sean and Steve!

I even got to sign some Salacious Crumb cards too.
These printed VERY well too! RAWR!

HUGE for me was the spoiling of the entire 5th Edition Monster Manual!
All my work is now free to shared and I will be posting it all very soon.
Here is a very bad photo of the first monster in the book, which I did the concept work on AND illustrated! RAWR!

A VERY cropped new piece showing up in Imperial Assault fro Fantasy Flight Games.
More on this soon too. RAWR!

 Magic cards from around the world for me to sign.

Day 2 of Gen Con 2014 ended very well.

That is all for another exciting Monday, see you back here tomorrow for Day 3 coverage! Until then...

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