Friday, June 13, 2014

Yucatan Adventures - Ek Balam

Concluding my Yucatan adventures we arrive at last, but certainly not least, to Ek Balam. Not knowing what to expect from Ek Balam the fact that a temple facade featuring the mouth and face of the Earth God was uncovered in the last 20 years was a surprise not thought possible. There is plenty to see at this site, but the real treasure is the surviving and AMAZING temple facade. If you are wondering, yes, it was always all white. Imagine a red building, white temple facade of a massive God face and a king or spiritual leader standing in the mouth covered in golds, reds, blues, feathers, skins... speaking to his people... it must have been something! The view from the pyramid's top was also very impressive. I present to you, Ek Balam...

The figures along the were most likely ancestors of the leader found buried within and exhibit recognizable birth defects attributed to inbreeding.

Temple facade wants to NOMS you. Figures hold the eyes of the God open so that it will be ever vigilant. There are both animal and human teeth in this toothy snarl.

Well worth the climb up the pyramid... Do not miss seeing this in person when visiting Ek Balam.

The wind was cool and refreshing up here and something in the distance was burning. You could see all the Ek Balam from up here. A Mayan could see their entire world from the tops of these pyramids.
 All images © 2014 Christopher Burdett

This concludes all of the ruins that we visited in the Yucatan. While I would not miss seeing any of them or returning to any of them... Uxmal was my favorite over all. There were the fewest tourists and vendors and the most isolated as well as it having the most unexpected treats in the best condition. When visiting, be sure to go to all of these sites... but Uxmal is not to be missed.

That is all for an very Yucatan filled week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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