Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sahrvin Demon drawing time lapse test

Friend and fellow artist Justin Peterson recently posted a time lapse video of him drawing on a cover of one of his trade paperbacks. I thought that it looked a fun and interesting way to share his process with everyone and was instantly interested in doing one too. I was able to get some time together over the weekend to do a test to see how it would turn out and what it would involve to make time lapse videos of my drawings. This is how that test turned out...

This video is 21 minutes of drawing time sped up 850%. I started with a light sketch to map out placement and to make the video more interesting. The creature is a Sahrvin, a demon I designed for the 5th season of Angel which I will be sharing with you in its entirety on Friday.

I am really happy with how this turned out and how easy it will be to make more of them. Due to file size limitations I will most likely have to record in 30 minute blocks and then move them from my phone to the computer and begin again. Once Gen Con is behind me I hope to be able to record an entire drawing start to finish. I hope you find this as interesting as I do, it has definitely given me some insight on how I draw! I can't wait to do more of these!

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday for more of the Sahrvin demon! Until then...

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  1. I always say how I like to see your process. It's even better when I get to watch your process! You should work with Guillermo del Toro.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It would be a treat and an honor to do so, but I am most likely not even on his radar... though I know folks that do work with him.

    Glad you enjoyed the video! There will be more! :)

  3. Awesome - is that a prismacolor pencil?

    1. Yes, I do ALL of my drawing with just black prismacolor colored pencils and I draw only on Bienfang Graphics 360 translucent marker paper. I started using this combination when I worked in the film industry about 10 years ago. I have been using these materials so long that I am a little lost when I draw with anything and on anything else.

    2. man that was fast! thanks so much for your answer. I will definitely check that prismacolor pencil.