Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Warforged Armor Designs #2

For your viewing pleasure I present the second installment of Warforged armor that I designed for the Dungeons and Dragons Character Visualizer. As previously mentioned these suits of armor would be attached to the surface of a Warforged's body rather then worn. Today's selection include the hide and leather armor sets. For several of the armor set, especially the heavy armor, I was asked to design custom hands and feet that matched the armor and would be included as part of the set. You can see some of these custom hands in the leather set.

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

© 2008 Wizards of the Coast LLC

I think that is all for today. I try to come up with some relevant or profound to say about my work and sometimes can't come up with anything more then, "I liked how these turned out, they were fun to work on". Oh well. See you back here on Friday when I will have something a bit more bright and shiny. Until then...

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