Friday, February 19, 2010

Tijuana Flats Ceiling Tiles

Back in July I took part in a ceiling tile painting contest for a newly opened Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex restaurant. They announced that they are doing a new painting contest and I jumped at the chance to have some more fun with real paint. You are limited to two tiles in the contest so I figured why not take both and do something big and fun. This is what I came up with...

Godzilla vs. Tacosaurus
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

Closer look at the Godzilla side. Never forget that web address!
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

Closer look at the Taco side.
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

If you are saying to yourself this is all just an excuse for me to paint Godzilla for once... well, you might be onto something. I meant to have this done a lot sooner but being sick last week really put a dent in my production schedule. The contest does not end until the middle of next month so it will be awhile before I know if I won any tacos. I must be patient! Here are some additional images of the tiles...

Close up of the big G.
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

After an hour or two of sketching out the drawing and laying down some base colors. What you can't see in this image is the hair dryer, because acrylic just does not dry fast enough.
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

After a couple more hours. Almost done now. At this point it really began to move quickly.
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

That is all for this week. I will be back next week with some new work that I think is safe to show off! Until then...

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