Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Gathering is the Magic Clip: "Christopher Burdett wants to steal the Beebles!"

At Gen Con, I had an excellent opportunity to speak with the folks behind the upcoming documentary about Magic the Gathering, The Gathering is the Magic. It was a lot of fun and always a good time to talk about art, monsters, and more.

The Gathering is the Magic - A documentary about how Magic the Gathering brings people together, fosters friendship, and inspires with art and storytelling.

One of the questions I was asked during my interview was if there was any element, aspect, or thing in Magic that I would want to have been mine, what would it be? It was an easy answer; I would love to be the king of the Beebles! Jeff Miracola's freaky pick bear monsters have always been such a visual and tonal outlier to the rest of the game, and I love them for that. And they seem to be eternal, as they continue to pop up repeatedly over the years. So yes, if I was to rewrite history and get to have something become mine in MtG, it would be the Beebles.

For the love of Beebles!
I informed Jeff of this fact at Gen Con so he wouldn't feel like I was coming for him when he saw this.

That's all for another exciting Thursday on the blog! Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with some thoughts and images regarding IX 2022. Until then...

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