Monday, March 28, 2022

Hidden in Plain Sight - Star Wars Easter Eggs

Now that my 50 days of Star Wars posts have ended on social media, it is time to talk about the little narrative and Easter eggs that I dropped into some of my work done on the games. While there are nods, winks, and other personal things in many pieces, these five works are all directly tied together. To be more accurate, the first three are part of a narrative while the other two point to them. Please understand that initially, my art director was aware and onboard and even helped out with clearing things and giving me the first approval. After that, I had fun and made sure I didn't do anything that would ruffle feathers or cause issues. So, to get things started, here are the images we will be talking about.

These three are from the card game center around the events at a specific bar on Nal Hutta, or is it on Coruscant? These pieces are A Droids Task, Armed to the Teeth, and Arcona Rumor Monger.

These two pieces, one from the RPG and one from Imperial Assault, point to the others directly. As I have said, there are others that I have put things in for my amusment, but these are interconnected. These pieces are Heated Tempers and Outer Rim Smuggler.
Now for the fun stuff. While these three were created in a different order, this is how I envisioned the series of events. We are not talking about a massive complete story, just little hints of something happening if you know where to look.

If you look at the pad that the Rodian is giving IG-88, it has some Aurebesh (the Star Wars written language) on the screen. It reads Rik's. And yes, that is a nod to Casablanca. IG-88 is being tasked to go to Rik's for something... I wonder what? I wonder why? Let's continue...

We are now outside a place called Rik's. The sign also reads 'live music food drinks' and looks like a popular place to go. That Rodian doesn't look too happy about the Besalisk with all those guns. I imagine the sight of IG-88 will do that to you. Perhaps this individual has a bounty on their head, and they thought the IG unit was there for them. I don't believe that the mission was to go after a random Besalisk; maybe there is more to it. Let's continue...

Once inside Rik's, we weave through the dark warren of hallways and rooms until we find the target! It looks like IG was sent to meet up with an Arconan that has some information that needs to be transferred directly. It must be sensitive for all parties to want to do this in person. You can see a sign for Rik's on the wall in the background, and the Arcoan has a pad listing Rik's. 

Nothing profound, but a little fun for me when working on these pieces. It gave me the chance to work on a narrative that is mine that could fit within the work I was doing for others. This also allowed me to work on non-linear storytelling that I seem to enjoy and that can be read in The Grand Bazaar of Ethra VanDalia. Let us continue...

While this piece is not directly related, it takes place (for me) on Nal Hutta, and there is a lot written on the walls and columns that connect back. I was asked to blur the text in the final version, I got word that Disney was cracking down on people putting naughty things in Aurebesh in licenced works. I wasn't doing anything nefarious, but I complied and blurred things digitally. If you ever see the original painting you will be able to read it all much more clearly. If you look closely, you will be able to find Rik's mentioned several times, as well as "Down with the Empire," "Hunt or be hunted," and "Yavin 4 was an inside job." It is a bit of world-building and some fun. 

Lastly, you will see a bumper sticker for Rik's on the engine housing of this A-Wing. That pilot must really like to hang out there. One last little tip of the hat to the above pieces. There are plenty of other things I could share, but after a point, I think there will be diminishing returns. If you have a chance, give my Star Wars pieces another look and see you can find anything hidden in plain sight.

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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