Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Illuxcon 2018 Recap

Another Illuxcon has come and gone and while it is a 4-5 day for most it seems to pass in a blink of the eye. I had a truly amazing time this year and while each IX is different and special in its own way, this was particularly great. It is funny when I think back that I use to do daily coverage of IX when I first started attending. I would write my post late at night or first thing in the morning but no matter what I had a blog post up about the previous day. Now I have one big post at the end. I wonder where I found the time and energy to do that. I could use some of that these days since by the end of IX I am exhausted. There is just so much to do, so many people to see, so much art to take in, and so much going on. This year I think I found myself in the GoogleWorks the least of any previous year. Not that I was not there, only my attention and time was spent on events outside of the GW. I had the opportunity to be part of the Urban Sketch Workshop hosted by Ron Lemon and Sean Murray. It was even better than last year, or at least I got a LOT more out of it this year. A lot probably has to do with that fact that I have been going a lot of large environmental illustrations this year and already participated in their workshop last year. Needless to say I will try to take part in the workshop again next year. I will have my sketches from the workshop up on the blog on Friday. I was part of the Showcase again this year and had loads of fun. It was a really great Showcase and while only 8 hours in length it felt simultaneously that it was way longer and nowhere near as long. If every event could be like this year's IX Showcase I would never have want to complain. Then there is being back among the art community and all our art family! So many wonderful people attend IX and while there is never enough time the moments we have are treasured. Got to meet several new folks that are very cool, got to know acquaintances even better, and reconnected with long time friends. It is good for the soul and good for your art. Last year I was energized to return home to draw and keep working on the Grand Bazaar. This year I am even more so energized, but this time around I am energized to write and see that this book is completed in the coming year. There are no events like IX out there that I have ever attended. It is wonderful event. Unfortunately, this year I did a horrible job of taking pictures. It slipped my mind constantly as I was enjoying the moments and did not feel the need to hide behind my phone. Even so, here are some images and additional thoughts from IX 2018...

 I have nothing but the best helpers when preparing for IX

 Our IX weekend in its entirety. This includes everything from clothes, costumes, art, and my entire Showcase table set up. It can be a little scary to have it all on the plane, but it is cheaper than shipping.

 When in Allentown you will find Peeps and Peeps sculptures

 There was a really great tribute to William O'Connor at IX this year. I had assumed I would never get to see Bill's work again but this weekend I got to have a look at several of his amazing paintings again.

 Came away with an original by David Thorn Wenzel. I have loved his work for many years. This will be a prized piece of the collection!

 My Showcase table this year. Similar to last year, but different.

 My and this fire plug spent some time together in the Urban Sketch Workshop (more on this on Friday!)

 Some of the Magic Artist Proof sketches that I did at the Showcase

 A very cool creature visited my at my table

 AND a couple more Magic Artist Proof sketches

 Somehow I did not remember to take picture of the Showcase until it was over Saturday night and I was almost completely packed up

 If you want you can imagine and see these as everyone setting up at the Showcase

I tend to arrive late for set up since it is quick for me and then I am out before many

 Some crazy sculpting was going on all weekend

 I think this was my school

 I helped out again this year during tear down. If we all help out then it goes much quicker. Fourth floor has always been my preferred floor to tackle. This year I was needed on fourth and second. I wonder what Illuxcon 2019 will have in store for all of us...

That's all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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