Friday, November 6, 2015

RAWR! Show Set Up

RAWR! opens tonight at 621 Gallery @ Railroad Square in Tallahassee, Fl! The opening receptions is from 6-9pm for those that can attend. It will be part of the First Friday events at Railroad Square and I am showing gallery space with two other artists. It should be a really fun time!

 I hung and installed my work this week and after a very long day and a half everything should be ready to go! I am still very bad at judging how long installations will take and I underestimated by half if not more. The gallery was a bit warm which slowed me down, but in the end, it was all taken care of! Learned a lot about installing my work in a large space and hopefully the next time around it will go that much quicker and easier.

My work is displayed on a 24'x12' wall and a 12'x12' wall. I tried to use as much of the space as possible. I wanted to make an impact with the volume of work that I am showing. I have some images from my installation that should give you a sneak peek of the show.

The big 24'x12' before I made the grid to start hanging 100 monster drawings.

Each drawing is 9"x12" and will be displayed in four 5x5 blocks. It took the first fifty to get a feel for how best to hang the drawings.

75 down and 25 to go

The 100 monsters are up!

 The 12'x12' wall will feature turnaround sets of drawings that were created as designs for miniatures. Under the drawings will be shelves that feature the finished miniature.

The drawings are up and so are the shelves.

The Dragonborn Paladin is all set and ready for the opening! RAWR!

All the details for the show again in one handy dandy image!

That is all for another exciting Friday on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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