Friday, June 21, 2013

Illustration Master Class 2013 - Day 2

Day 3 of the 2013 IMC! My previous year's illness was very much on my mind on Day 2 since it was the corresponding day last year that I realized things were going horribly wrong. But I was being a nervous Nelly for nothing.

Day 2 is the first full work day for most attending. Folks are shooting reference, revising sketches, mixing their palettes, and in some cases starting completely over. The faculty begin to move through the studios giving one on one advice, instruction, and encouragement. There were a expected amount of shell shocked expressions on faces as folks realized they have taken their first step into a larger world.

Day 2 also brought the first of the faculty lectures. Starting things off in the morning was Mike Mignola with Iain McCaig rounding out the evening. While the lectures are optional... why miss them? How often can you listen to veteran artists talk about their craft, influences, and the hurdles they have had to overcome. There is a strange satisfaction every time I can directly related to the journey of another artist. We all walk our own path, but often we travel the same road in our journey as an artist. But I digress...

Rumors began to spread that Iain had something special in store for us in his evening lecture and there were some hopes that is would be Star Wars related. We would all find out soon enough since the day flew by in a flurry of activity and work.

Here are some images from Day 2 of IMC...

The zombie master himself, Sam Flegal, helps me out with some impromptu reference of a soon to be burn victim in my painting. I would return the favor in the fulness of time...

I believe the notation in the image says it all...

Mike Mignola had a huge portfolio of his originals on hand in the our studio...

Mike Mignola continued to talk about his work for awhile after his lecture.

Even some of the other faculty got in on the Mike Mignola Q&A!

Since Mike Mignola was only going to be at IMC a couple of days everyone was encouraged to go ahead and get him to sign/draw in their sketchbooks. My wife called immediate dibs on the Abe Sapien that I got.

Pete Mohrbacher hard at work on his assignment.

I was working in the first floor painting studio this year and it was a VASTLY different experience then working in the digital studio... ALL for the better. This is a image from the door looking into the studio.

Here is a reverse shot from across the studio looking back at the door. I shared the table in the foreground with Ania Mohrbacher, Sam Flegal, and Andrea Sipl. I could not have asked for better table mates at IMC!

SO.... Iain McCaig thought he would have some fun with us and the indicated folder sat on the screen while he set up and talked about different aspects of his career. Fear naught ILM and Disney overlords, Iain was having some fun with us and was all a joke. ...oh well... just gonna have to wait another couple years.

That is all for another exciting Friday on the blog, see you back here on Monday for Day 3 coverage! Until then...

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